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Dr. Sam P. J

Dr Sam P J offers evaluation and management of the whole spectrum of psychiatric disorders ranging from childhood disorders, all types of psychiatric issues in adults to dementia and other disorders associated with aging.

Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depressive disorders, Social anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Generalised anaxiety disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorders are few of the major problems which are dealt on a daily basis.

Dr Sam has shown his expertise in managing personality disorders especially Borderline personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder and Obsessive compulsive  personality disorders.

Dr Sam has special interest in psychiatric disorders in pregnancy and postpartum, childhood disorders like ADHD, intellectual difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, old age disorders like dementia and related behavioural problems, inapproptiate sexual behaviours and psychological problems associated with neurological illnesses.

Dr Sam also offers deaddiction treatment for alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, opioids and other substance dependencies.

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